The Pack

We love pets: We are an small family business making pawsome id tags for pets at New Jersey. We have been around bulldogs since we can remember and we really love them. Pets are our life, our passion, our everything...

Our motto: We truly believe that every pet is family and we should treat them like that. 

Our tags: We are tired of the same id tag that we always find at the big pet stores, we want something cool and unique for our babies. We are making fun and unforgettable id tags for amazing pets like yours.

The Bosses


Balls, naps and snacks. I am addict to the balls. If you can throw It a 100 times, I can fetch it 200. Mommy loves me and I love her AKA: Maca, Nita, Nitas



Toys, naps, snacks and farts. I am really lazy. If the world is ending I am going to watch it from my bed. I have a farting problem. AKA: Pretty boy