Dog Harness | Pop Art


Easy-to-Use Harness for the Ultimate in Comfort for Your Canine

The Pop Art Harness is the ultimate in comfort and security for your beloved pooch. Whenever you go for a walk, making sure your dog cannot get lost is your main priority. But you also want to secure them in a way that is comfortable and won't distract them from the pleasure of walking, and the Pop Art Harness is the solution.

Sturdy plastic buckle keeps the harness securely fitted

The strong plastic buckle locks the harness into place securely without any discomfort to your dog. Two sturdy metal rings also attach to your leash to provide a strong and secure attachment.

Strong, durable, and soft polyester for security and comfort

The polyester harness is strong and resistant but also soft against your dog's fur. It is designed to put up with the rigors of daily dog walking without showing the strain, so you can use it over and over again without it weakening or loosening.


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