Decorative Dog Collar (DIY)

Decorative Dog Collar (DIY)

October 26, 2015 0 Comments


Video Highlights: 

00:12 Tools.
01:01 First Step, putting the first trimming.
01:37 Putting another piece of trimming.
01:52 Adding a second chain.
02:06 It's time to join the chain links and clasps together.
02:24 Side notes.

Video Transcript:

Hey, what's up guys? It's the uPet pack here, and today we're gonna teach you how to make this awesome dog collar to make your dog look great. So, sit back, relax, enjoy and let's get creative. 

The first thing we're going to need is a couple of chains, and we want the chains to be sturdy and of good quality because you know our dogs like to roll around a lot, and we don't want the chains to break or snap or anything like that. Some stainless steel chains should do the trick. 

Next, we're going to use some trimmings to decorate the collar. This is the fun part because this is where you show your creativity, and you make your collar truly unique by adding whatever colors you want.

We're also going to use some high quality clasps. Which will be the buckle to the collar, and again, you want high quality because you don't want it to break easily. Some high quality fabric glue or super glue to attach the trimmings to the collar and last but not least, some pliers to be able to open up the chain links and insert them into the clasps. The best part is that you can find all these tools, at your local craft store for a very reasonable price. 

The first step is to take our fabric glue or superglue; whatever you've decided to use and put a little bit on the tip of the trimming. Once we've done this, we're going to wrap it around the outside link of the chain, and then we're gonna start wrapping it around the chain just like this. Just a quick little pro tip. You could use a small piece of tape to hold the chain down while you're wrapping around the trimming to keep everything nice and tight. Finally, we cut off the excess trimming, put some glue at the tip, and wrap it around the final chain link. The end result should be something like this. 

You have the option of putting another piece of trimming on the other side of the chain, but it's all up to you; It depends on how you want to decorate it. We just decided to fill it up with color because... Well... That's just how the pack rolls. You have another option which is to do the same exact process on a second chain, just to give the collar an effect of thickness but again, this step is completely optional. If you like the chain just the way it is, you can leave it just like that.

Now, it's time to join the chain links and clasps together, and what we're gonna do is open up these chain links with our pliers, and then go ahead and insert the chain links inside the clasps. Once we've done this, we use our pliers again, but this time to close the links. And voila, this is what you have. Quick side note, before making the collar, you want to make sure that you've measured your dog's neck, and then measure the collar buckle to buckle giving it half an inch more. That way your dog has some breathing room, and it won't be too tight. For example, if your dog's neck is sixteen inches; then make the collar about sixteen and a half inches. Side note number two, This dog collar is just for decoration. Do not use a leash on it.

For the finishing touch, you can add one of our amazing uPet dog tags, and officially become a member of the uPet pack.

And there you have it. An amazing, unique, dog collar with tons of options to choose from as you can see, and we can guarantee that anyone you meet is gonna want one. We hope you found this helpful, and we'll see you next time.


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